Jetraw by Dotphoton

Raw images offer the best quality and flexibility in post-processing, retaining subtle image details. However, they are large and difficult to transfer, share and archive. Typical compression methods can at most compress by 2:1 or degrade image quality. Most often, they are also too slow to deal with large datasets.

Dotphoton’s Jetraw software uses the camera’s calibration data to enhance compression, achieving a compression ratio of up to 10:1 at speeds of 200MB/s/core, and maintaining the image quality.

PCO and Dotphoton have worked together to achieve an advanced integration between PCO cameras and Jetraw, so that users can directly save compressed raw files from our cameras, or embed the necessary calibration data in saved files, so that raw images can be losslessly and efficiently compressed by Jetraw at a later stage.

Jetraw can be activated in the pco.recorder, used from C, C++ and Python, from the command line or directly opened using an FIJI plugin.

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