Nikon NIS-Elements

With Nikon's NIS-Elements software you get powerful image acquisition, analysis, visualization and data sharing tools combined in one imaging solution.

Its user interfaces and software modules are fully customizable. Whether you use it for widefield, confocal or super resolution imaging, it provides the same interface, control, workflow and terminology. NIS-Elements makes it easy to switch between microscope systems when your application requires different imaging modalities. In addition you can also combine and analyze imaging results from different Nikon systems to broaden your research direction.

By upgrading the detector, changing light sources, adding additional detectors  as well as high-throughput functionality, etc. you are able to expand your system over time.

A broad range of PCO cameras is integrated in NIS-Elements. Further, for NIS-Elements AR a special module for the FD-FLIM camera pco.flim as application software of choice is available.

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