sensicam qe

This high performance cooled digital 12 bit CCD camera system comprises advanced CCD and electronics technology. The system features thermo-electrical cooling of the image sensor (down to – 12 °C), extremely low noise (down to 4 e- rms) and an outstanding quantum efficiency, which achieves a high spectral sensitivity in general and especially in the NIR. Exposure time modes (software selectable) range from 500 ns (fast shutter) to 3600 s (long exposure). A high speed serial data link connects the system to the PC (fiber optic link available). This low light camera system is perfectly suited for many sensitive and low noise imaging applications, such as fluorescence imaging, confocal & light microscopy etc..


high resolution (1376 x 1040 pixel) shutter/exposure times from 500 ns - 3600 s 12 bit dynamic range super quantum efficiency up 65% thermo-electrical cooling down to -12°C extremely low noise, down to 4 e- rms
  • Quantum efficiency curves of the sensicam qe CCD image sensor in two different operating modes (measured by pco).