sCMOS board-level
tailor made sCMOS camera modules

PCO offers board-level sCMOS camera modules for OEM customization. The modules can be equipped with different sCMOS sensors, different interfaces and various features such as special read out modes.

PCO also offers custom designed circuit boards with various form factors and sizes to meet special customer needs. 

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All products at a glance: the new sCMOS product overview.

  • pco.edge board-level sCMOS camera
  • pco.edge board-level SCMOS camera with edge tower
  • customized board development
  • circuit boards with various form factors
  • extreme low readout noise
  • high resolution up to 2560 x 2160 pixel
  • high quantum efficiency up to more than 80%
  • monochrome or color sensor
  • various interfaces