pco.edge 26 CLHS
true global shutter sCMOS camera

High-speed and high-resolution streaming at the same time – the pco.edge 26 CLHS offers the best of both worlds and much more.

The newest member of our highly successful pco.edge series combines the image quality of a 26 MPixel image sensor with unrivaled data transfer options. Its 4 CLHS FOL channels – all aligned in one compact plug – can be selected from 1 to 4 at a time and are capable of transmitting up to 4.9 GByte/s. These advantages do not result in a loss of image quality as the camera operates at minimum read noise and dark current. All these features make the pco.edge 26 CLHS a powerful solution for numerous applications in life science and physical science.

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  • high resolution: 5120 x 5120 pixel
  • high speed: 150 fps
  • parasitic light sensitivity: 1/10,000
  • temperature-stabilized image sensor
  • fiber optic data interface

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