pco.dicam C4
4-channel intensified sCMOS camera

Four high-resolution image intensifiers in a fully integrated 4-channel sCMOS camera system: The pco.dicam C4 equally distributes the incident light from a single optical input to 4 intensified modules. Each can detect single photons with nanosecond time resolution.

With the pco.dicam C4 ultra-speed camera system you make full use of the unique intensified 16 bit sCMOS capabilities. Its high-end tandem lens systems ensure an efficient and lossless capture of the output from the 25 mm image intensifiers, completely free of artifacts.

The 4 x 10G fiber optic data interface (Camera Link HS) guarantees you uncompressed and robust data transfer up to 3.4 GByte/s. With the latest standard of high-performance data interfaces, you can bridge long distances via fiber optic cable. Forward Error Correction algorithms assure a maximum of data integrity.

Let our decades of research and development in intensified and sCMOS camera technology benefit your application!

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  • pco.dicam C4 front
  • pco.dicam C4 rear
  • 4-channel intensified sCMOS camera
  • exposure times down to 4 ns
  • 4 images in 16 ns, 8 images in 580 ns
  • 2048 x 2048 pixels
  • 16 bit dynamic range
  • optical coupling via ultra-speed tandem lenses
  • enhanced extinction ratio gating
  • 25 mm image intensifier
  • 45 ns trigger to exposure start delay
  • up to 3.4 GByte/s with 4 x 10G fiber optic data interface (Camera Link HS)

contact data sheet whitepaper video overview multi channel concept