pco.dimax HS1
highest frame rates for extremely fast events

The pco.dimax HS series combines, with its advanced CMOS- and electronics technology, extreme high frame-rates, best light sensitivity and a real 12 bit dynamic range.
With more than 7000 fps at a resolution of 1 megapixel rapid events can be precisely imaged in super slow motion. Due to a variety of trigger- and synchronization possibilities the HS-cameras are suitable for challenging setups like engine research, flow analysis, material testing and further application areas.

For further information see product data sheet.

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  • pco.dimax HS highspeed camera front left side image
  • pco.dimax HS highspeed camera front right side image
  • pco.dimax HS highspeed camera front side image
  • pco.dimax HS highspeed camera front rear side image
  • 7039 fps @ 1 MPix resolution (1000 x 1000 pixel)
  • excellent light sensitivity
  • 12 bit dynamic range
  • NO additional black reference calibration required
  • 18 or 36 GB inbuilt image memory
  • exposure time range 1.5 µs - 40 ms
  • multiple trigger options
  • master-slave camera synchronisation (up to 5 cameras)
  • IRIG B timecode function
  • Interfaces: USB 3.0, GigE/USB 2.0, CameraLink
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  • parameter unit setpoint pco.dimax HS1
    resolution (hor x ver) pixel 1000 x 1000
    pixel size (hor x ver) µm 11.0 x 11.0
    peak quantum efficiency % @ 600 nm typ. 50
    dynamic range A/D bit 12
    readout noise e- rms < 20
    frame rate fps @ full frame > 7000
    exposure time range s 1.5 µs - 40 ms
    region of interest (ROI) steps of 2 x 2
    optical input Nikon F-mount
    data interface GigE, USB 2.0,
    Camera Link,
    USB 3.0
  • Quantum efficiency curve pco.dimax monochrome sensor.