pco.dicam C8 UHS
8-channel intensified sCMOS camera

The pco.dicam C8 UHS combines 8 ultra-fast 18 mm high-quality image intensifiers in a fully integrated 8-channel sCMOS camera system. The light of a single optical input is equally distributed to 8 image intensifiers with 2.5 ns shortest gating.

Each channel can detect single photons at full 2.3 MPixel resolution. With zero ns interframing time, this corresponds to a burst rate of 400,000,000 fps. All optical elements deployed for the beam splitting and guidance are adopted from the very successful pco.dicam C4 design.  

With full 2.3 MPixel resolution, you have a maximum of 1144 fps available. This equals 5.3 GByte/s of sustained image data rate. To transmit this huge data rate in real time, you can use the pco.dicam C8’s eight optical CLHS ports (80G fiber).

Let our decades of research and development in intensified and sCMOS camera technology benefit your application!

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  • pco.dicam C8
  • pco.dicam C8 rear
  • pco.dicam C8 side
  • 8-channel intensified sCMOS camera
  • exposure times down to 2.5 ns
  • 8 images in 20 ns
  • 16 images in 620 ns
  • 1504 x 1504 pixel
  • 16 bit dynamic range
  • optical coupling via ultra-speed tandem lenses
  • enhanced extinction ratio gating
  • 18 mm image intensifier
  • 50 ns trigger to exposure start delay
  • up to 5.3 GByte/s with 8 x 10G fiber optic data interface (Camera Link HS)

contact data sheet whitepaper video overview multi channel concept