ICG13 - International Conference on Genomics

The 13th Annual Meeting of the International Conference on Genomics (ICG-13)
October 24 - 28, 2018, China National GeneBank, Shenzhen

This year is the 65th anniversary of the discovery of the DNA double helix, and the 15th anniversary of the completion of the Human Genome Project. In this year of celebrating the past and ushering in the future, we are pleased to announce the 13th Annual Meeting of the International Conference on Genomics (ICG-13) hosted by BGI will be held on October 24-28, in Shenzhen, China.
Since its inauguration in 2005, ICG is now more than a set of events - it is a global community that brings together individuals from diverse nations, cultures and backgrounds to highlight and discuss the latest advances in 'omics' fields crossing from research to practice.
During the five-day conference, ICG-13 will include 30+ sessions, 200+ featured presentations that have been carefully selected to highlight the work of the best minds in 'omics' and its application from all over the world.
This year’s scientific program, with the theme of "Omics for All", will cover a wide range of topics, spanning from sequencing technologies to imaging genomics; from personalized medicine to public health; from immunology to nutrition science; from genome editing to gene/cell therapy. Based on big data and bio-intelligence, we are devoted to promoting the plan for Healthy China, and working ever harder to contribute to human progress. ICG will also have the Women in Science and Science Carnival, as the featured sessions that focus on achievement of women researchers and public awareness.
The ICG-13 will again be a grand genomic event uniting 1,000+ attendees from across the world, as a brand-new guider, will lead people having a deeper exploration of future life, especially on healthcare, agriculture, smart cities, biosafety and governing of the future. Following with the theme of "Omics for All", we will continue to work towards the goal of building a community of shared future for humankind.
Late October in Shenzhen, is the harvest season, where flowers are still in bloom and cropsflourish, and it is also the harvest season for academic achievements. With picturesque scenery, fascinating folk history and the unique and dynamic character of Shenzhen, it will be a journey full of surprises.
With BGI’s new global headquarters opening at the end of 2018,this is likely the last year the conference will be held at China National GeneBank, therefore we sincerely hope to see you at ICG-13, where new collaborations will be formed, and technical breakthroughs will be shared.

The ICG Organizing Committee