There is a clearly noticeable trend worldwide to driver assistance systems and automated driving. But even if automated driving contributes to improving road safety it should not be equated with “Vision Zero” (zero fatalities in road transport) and accident-free driving. Measures to further improvement of passive safety will remain indispensable.

But assisted and automated driving will have an important influence on passive safety. There will be a substantial chance of types of accidents and of injury patterns, e.g. due to the position of the occupants in the vehicle. 2018 will therefore focus on simulation and testing of integrated safety systems. What will be the future of passive safety like when the new technologies are implemented and what is the benefit of active safety systems f
or the passive safety? Major topics of the congress are as well the safety-related requirement of future vehicle assessment procedures and approval tests and how important will be passive safety in the ratings of the consumer organization.

This year´s program will furthermore concentrate on the practical experience of vehicle safety testing. You will therefore have the possibility to visit the research- and testing facility CARISSMA at the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt.

Don‘t miss out the 14th conference. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Ingolstadt.