Where to stay in Kelheim

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DORMERO Hotel Kelheim
Donaustraße 22-26
93309 Kelheim
fon +49 (0)9441 17705-0
eMail: [email protected]


Nicely integrated into the old part of the town the hotel is part of the historical center of Kelheim and only three minutes by foot to the river Danube.

Gasthof Stockhammer
Am Oberen Zweck 2
93309 Kelheim
fon +49 (0)9441 7004 0
fax +49 (0)9441 7004 31
eMail: [email protected]


Nicely situated at the river Altmühl, the hotel is just three minutes by foot to the historical center of Kelheim.

Gasthaus Weisses Lamm
Ludwigstraße 12
93309 Kelheim
fon +49 (0)9441 20090
fax +49 (0)9441 21442
eMail: [email protected]


The beautiful and traditional hotel is in the picturesque old town of Kelheim.