CTS Anti-Terror Crash Tests
with pco.dimax cs3/cs4

On the premises of the CTS Crash Test Facility (www.crashtest-service.com/en) in Münster, Germany a conference with crash tests on terror defense by road blocks took place in October 2017. The crash test facility was built in 2011 and offers an extensive range of possibilities for various crash test experiments. All vehicle categories, whether passenger car, motorcycle, bicycle or heavy-duty vehicles (up to 38 tons) can be tested. During the conference the crash tests were filmed with our pco.dimax cs high-speed cameras. Despite the deep sun and difficult lighting conditions, our cameras produced impressive results. All recordings were done with the pco.dimax cs3 at 2000 fps @ FullHD. Also a pco.dimax cs4 was used onboard.

Video 1: Truck hits a Bus
You can see a cross-legged bus as a roadblock, as it is currently being built at many public events. This method is a very simple and effective way of road blocking. The weight of the truck was 7.5 tons, the speed 48 km / h. For additional force the truck was loaded with a heavy concrete plate, which moved the bus for 4 meters on impact. It is very likely that this accident would have been deadly for the truck driver.

Video 2: Pickup hits a barrier
This video shows a barrier which is hooked into the ground by a barb. Originally it is intended to stop the truck, crashing into it with 48 km/h, after a few meters. However, the experiment showed that the barrier was moved ten times further as it should have been.

Video 3: Truck hits a special water filled barrier
This water barrier on the other hand worked successfully as planned. Two robust hoses were filled with water and laid across the street to stop a truck (here again with 48 km/h) from driving into a public event.

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