pco.edge gold 5.5
deep-cooled 16 bit sCMOS camera

The pco.edge gold 5.5 is specially optimized for long exposure times and achieves very low dark current noise. With its "down to -30° deep-cooled sCMOS sensor" this results in consistently stable crisp image quality and precise measurements. As the most compact camera of its class it is provided with a camera head which is exceptional by its massive gold-plated heat sink and its sensor compartment manufactured in high-vacuum technology.
PCO’s edge 5.5 gold camera system is designed for users who require, in addition to long exposure times, high resolution, best dynamic range, good quantum efficiency or optionally a color sensor.

For further information see the product data sheet.

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  • pco.edge gold 5.5 USB 3.0 deep-cooled front left side view
  • pco.edge gold 5.5 USB 3.0 deep-cooled front right side view
  • pco.edge gold 5.5 USB 3.0 deep-cooled rear side view
  • pco.edge gold 5.5 USB 3.0 deep-cooled side view
  • deep-cooled down to -30°C
  • extreme low readout noise of 1.0 e- med
  • dark current noise 0.02 e-/pixel/s at -30°C
  • high resolution of 2560 x 2160 pixel
  • dynamic range of 30 000 : 1
  • quantum efficiency > 60%
  • exposure times from 500 µs to 10 s
  • maximum frame rate 30 fps
  • rolling shutter mode
  • monochrom or color sensor
  • USB 3.0 interface
  • dimensions: 164.5 x 76 x 87.2 mm
  • parameter unit setpoint pco.edge gold 5.5
    (hor x ver)
    pixel 2560 x 2160
    pixel size
    (hor x ver)
    6.5 x 6.5
    peak quantum efficiency % @ 590 nm peak > 60
    dynamic range A/D bit 16
    readout noise e- med @ 30 fps 1.0
    imaging frequency,
    frame rate
    fps @ full frame 30
    exposure time range s 500
    region of interest
    optical input Nikon f-mount (stand.)
    c-mount (opt.)
    data interface USB 3.0